Saturday, January 31, 2015

Facilitator Training

Sociopathic Style Support Groups

If you are interested in becoming a support group facilitator, want to become more educated on how to disengage from the Sociopathic Style of relating,  or would like to become our partner,  please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the form  in the right side bar;
  • Contact Marion to schedule a prescreening interview;
  • Pay $399 for the two-day training.
To qualify for our training, you must have a deep desire to help yourself and/or others to recover from the sociopathic style of relating to others.

Benefits include:

  • Therapists and social workers will benefit from this training and will qualify to be in our network once the training has been completed.
  • People who have experienced this relationship style and want to help others in their recovery process will also benefit from this training, whether they would like to start their own support group or not.
  • Start your own support group in your area.
  • You will receive a certificate.
  • You will receive a training manual.
  • You will receive referrals from our website. We receive over 24,000 unique visitors to our website from all over the world, mainly the U.S.
We look forward to helping you recognize the commitment level to the Sociopathic Style in yourself and others; and to train you to help those individuals who are experiencing this type of relationship and desire a positive change.