Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Support Groups


Marion TrentMarion Trent, Founder
Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Mentor
Telephone: (214) 550-1417
Support Group Location:
Online and Worldwide
Days and Times: By appointment
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Norma OshitaNorma Oshita
Telephone: (760) 972-6882
Support Group Location:
Palm Springs and La Quinta
Days and Times: Contact Norma
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mary-thmMary Whiting
Telephone: (214) 493-1412
Support Group Location:
Days and Times: Contact Mary
More about Mary

Become a Facilitator

Support GroupsYou will take 14 hours of intensive training over two days with Marion Trent.

To qualify for the training, you must have a deep desire to recover from your own and/or someone else’s power games. You no longer want to participate in sociopathic behavior as a victim, rescuer or perpetrator.

Therapists and Social Workers: You will also benefit from this training and subsequently qualify to be in our referral network. Once the training has been completed you will receive a certificate and an opportunity to receive referrals from our website. We receive thousands of new visitors each month and many of them are looking for support groups or therapists in your area.

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