Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Website Links

Mediations and Mantras:

www.kaleshwar.org/ Sri Kaleshwar Ancient Knowledge, Divine Tradition. Spiritual Processes and Downloadable Mantras

http://www.learningmeditation.com/meditation_room.php Learn how to meditate. Downloadable meditations.

http://www.freemeditations.com/ Techniques for positive thinking and meditation.

http://www.silvalifesystem.com/ Free downloadable starter course from Silva Life Systems.

Emotional Healing:

A Great Cheat sheet

http://www.focusingresources.com/irf/is_this_you.htm Focusing Resources for Deep Emotional Healing and Life Change

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emotional-healing-meditation/id398415820?mt=8 Emotional Healing Meditation. Great iTunes app!

General Healing:

http://www.thework.com/index.php Byron Katie’s “The Work”
www.greggbraden.com Gregg Braden, Bridging Science and Spirituality

Self-Help for Teens:

http://www.focusas.com/SelfHelp.html A great resource for many different things.

We encourage parents who have teens with behavior problems to attend a group for support and guidance, such as Families Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)

Substance Abuse Recovery:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) The most prominent self-help group in the World which is based on the 12 Steps to Recovery.
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) also based on the 12-step model.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) also based on the 12-step model.

Antisocial Personality Disorders 

About Dr. Hare – An overview of Dr. Hare, who created the psychopathic checklist. A page on Crime Library.

Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited – A website devoted exclusively to pathological narcissism. Created and written by Dr. Sam Vaknin, self-professed narcissist.

Antisocial Personality Disorder -Internet Mental Health site with a self-diagnosis test.

Personality Disorders – Includes tests that help evaluate personality disorders in youth and teens and offer intervention.

Dual Diagnosis and the Antisocial Personality Disorder – Cluster B – The Antisocial Personality.

Borderline Personality Disorder – An excellent resource for those suffering with someone who has this personality disorder.

Paranoid Personality Disorder – Another Internet Mental Health page with self-diagnosis tests.

Lovefraud – How to know when love is a con.

We hope that you will find that a support group that can provide emotional support, practical coping skills and strategies; and empower you towards personal growth, positive changes and healing.